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TEC chuck jaws

standard soft jaws

Machinery Canada stocks soft jaws and jaw nuts for the following chucks:

Amestra Autoblock Berg
Cushman Emco Forkardt
Gamet Hardinge Herbert Coventry
Howa Kitagawa Leader
Microcentric Migat-PML-Graber MMK Matsumoto
Nikko Pratt Burnerd Rohm
Schunk SMW SMW-Autoblock
Strong T de G Toolmex-Bison
TOS Warner & Swasey Webster & Bennett
Please note that we are constantly updating our products, so availability of soft jaws for the above chucks is subject to change without notice.
serrated diamond soft top jaws

The serrated diamond soft top jaws can be turned or bored to clamp the entire circumference of a workpiece.

The jaws come in a choice of steel or aluminum types.

The jaws offer greater flexibility than pie jaws, and can be reversed.

The jaws offer less weight for higher spindle speeds.

The jaws help stop distortion of thin walled components.

The jaws can be machined to suit irregular parts.

multi-point rocker jaws with interchangeable soft segments

The standard Multi-Point Rocker Jaw System is designed to help overcome clamping deformation of thin walled workpieces on power chucks. These jaws spread the clamping forces more evenly around the workpiece, thus reducing the lobing effect often experienced with standard width top jaws. On each of the three jaws a rocking arm provides two clamping faces at 60 degrees to the centre of the chucks. These positions take standard hard gripper inserts. The base jaw also takes a fixed soft segment, which can be machined to clamp a workpiece contour or complete diameter.

tri square top jaws

Tri square top jaws are adjustable hard top jaws, used on three jaw chucks, to clamp a range of square sections. This simple but clever top jaw system removes the need in many instances to use 2 or 4 jaw chucks for clamping square sections.

Tri square top jaws are ideal for clamping a series of square parts of different sizes, because of the quick and easy adjustment from one size to another. Tri square top jaws offer more universal use of three jaw chucks, allowing the clamping of square and round sections, when using chucks as horizontal fixtures on machining centres. This can save costs on special fixtures.


Adjustagrips cover chuck diameters from 160mm to 600mm. The gripping range is from 15mm up to 630mm. One set will grip various diameters. The clamping depth can be varied by a range of height pins. Radial gripping teeth offer high torque and greater safety. These jaws are made in alloy steel for strength, and offer light weight for higher speeds with more grip. Adjustagrip jaws give a superior grip compared with standard hard reversible jaws, and are at a lower cost than specially designed hard jaws.

special jaws

TEC offers over thirty years of experience and know-how in the design and manufacture of special jaws. Every year they design and produce hundreds of innovative solutions to help customers increase productivity. This special knowledge is at your disposal.