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Eron vises


Eron Lock-Tight vises come in mechanical versions for soft materials and hydraulic versions for heavier cutting conditions.

Some of the main features of the Eron Lock-Tight vises are:
* rigid material ~ vise body and swivel base of ductile iron FCD 60 JIS (equal to 80,000 PSI)
* highest clamping power ~ needle bearing thrust collar cuts friction and adds up to clamping power
* flame hardened vise bed to HRC45 and up ~ for longer accuracy and less wear
* ground surface ~ top and bottom of vise bed, tops, bottoms and both sides of jaws in pair and all jaw plate mounting surfaces for perfect accuracy
* swivel base can be added for full 360 degree increments, with ground top and bottom
* screw thread totally enclosed ~ to keep chips away
* swivel handle ~ allows the screw head to be turned while the vise is fixed on the machine table
* two indexes ~ 180 degree apart on both sides of the body
* coolant trough ~ on vise body and swivel base
* chip clearance holes ~ no dead pockets

parallelism between surface and bottom of vise bed 0.010mm
squareness between jaw plates and surface of vise bed 0.015mm
squareness between bottom key ways and jaw plates 0.010mm
parallelism between bottom key ways and jaw plates 0.010mm
parallelism between surface of vise bed and bottom of swivel base 0.015mm
parallelism between top and bottom of swivel base 0.010mm
parallelism between test block being clamped and bottom of vise body 0.015mm
parallelism between test block being clamped and bottom of swivel base 0.020mm




The Eron Lock-Tight LT60MC is a precision vise with ground sides ~ the new standard in accurate machine vises ~ to be used for heavy duty and high precision machining applications on machining centres, other CNC machines and all precision milling and other machine tools.


The coolant trough has been removed from the LT60MC precision machine vise. This enables several vises with ground sides to be mounted closely together, side by side, on the machine table for multiple part machining. It allows more effective utilization of the machine table and is more popular with sophisticated machine tools such as CNC machines and machining centres, as it offers greater efficiency and more cost-effective machining.


Both sides are precision ground, square to the bottom and parallel with each other, so the vise can also be used in a vertical position with its vise bed perfectly perpendicular to the machine bed. Squareness to the bottom is 0.01mm and parallelism with each other is 0.01mm.

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